History of Maritime
  • Early contacts of Orissan coast line with outside countries Ptolemy, Pliny etc Arthashastra, Raghuvamsa Sisupalagada excavation findings Roman bullock, amphorae, roulette ware, knobbed ware their distribution prehistoric period shouldered cells with musical porosities from Vietnam early ports
  • Medieval contacts
  • Modern period contacts
  • Import and Export items of trade.
  • Manufacturing centres – riverine routes and contact points with ancient and medieval ports.
  • Sculptural representation of ships/boats etc.
  • Literature and folklore
  • Deities and monuments associated with voyages on sea.
  • Sea routes.
  • Literature on ship building.
  • Types of riverine and high sea boats/vessels- ancient- medieval-modern-contemporary.
  • Ports of different periods.
  • Monuments on sea shore of Orissa which were taken as landmarks for navigation along the coast.
  • Archaeological findings from port sides.
  • Forts along the coast of Orissa.
  • Evidence of Orissan contacts with other countries in South and Southeast Asia- textile, temples, Sculptures, folk art, festivals, language, custom, rituals, craft products etc.
  • European voyagers to Orissa.
  • Route between Orissa and Bengal on sea.
  • Cuttack as important center of trade, commerce, administration, ship building, repairing etc.
  • Baliyatra tradition.
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