The Maritime

The Orissa State Maritime Museum, which has been set up at this Jobra Workshop, has 10 no 0f galleries along with its ancillary components, workshop as required in a modern museum. This location, which has a beginning around 1868, has the unique distinction of being the only workshop, which catered to the requirement of these provinces of Bihar, Bengal and Orissa under the Bengal Presidency of British India. It was set up by the these PWD department of British administration through the efforts of our Indian Engineer immediately after the great famine of 1866 in Orissa, known as “Naa Anka Durviksa”.

The British administration took up the work of excavating the Coast Canal, Taladanda Canal and other irrigation projects to counter the effects of drought. This workshop was mainly catering to the need of Anykats, dams, canals and most important inland water transport system, At that time the access to Calcutta from Cuttack was only through a journey on sea from Chandabali to Hooghly.

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